The Scales of Justice

So many brethren....covered in the blood of War....- Rigmor Talonbeard

A dwarf is a dwarf, of course, of course

Many were lost.

I did what I could. Working as a tool of the almighty Reorx, I did what I could to get what Dwarven battle brothers still had the breath of life within them to their feet, so that they might rejoin this battle against evil. An evil force indeed. What could it want with this Kingdom though? What is its purpose to besiege the stoneforged walls of Thoradin? Upon King Severus’ request, I intend to find out. I will fight to help my fellow race, no matter what reach of land they hail from.

We have found some lead in a curious encounter. After rescuing a dwarven lass named Prucilik, we have found that she is the kin, very likely the last, of the Stonewardens. The Stonewardens are a long line sworn to protect some family heirloom of seemingly incredible interest to these demons that plague the deep ruins beneath the kingdom. To further add to this unusual journey, the apparition of her legendary ancestor, Thane Beowulf, stands at our side. His insight and knowledge, while certainly unorthodox in form, will certainly be a boon to our party’s intent to see this through.

As we travel far below the bowels of the city, I can tell that we have quite an uphill struggle before us. We shall fight till death though. I swear on my honour as a priest of War, the enemies of Thoradin are now my own enemies. Foes of the Stonewardens will answer to the just hammer of Rigmor Talonbeard!



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