The Scales of Justice

Knights of Sanction - Rigmor Talonbeard

The Red Condoor...

After creating quite a scene and eliminating the Gith, there was something to investigate. Emblazoned in flames and ashes, the symbol of the Red Condor taunted us. Predictably, the dark dwarve and the minotaur were near. Before we could engage them though….that glow….pure evil….

The Condor became a illuminated doorway, which birthed a Chain Devil, complete with Cultists. He picked the wrong place to appear… As quickly as this foul creation materialised, it was felled quicker. We were upon it like warts on a witch. One of the most magnificent displays in teamwork I have seen from my fellow adventurers.

The Cultists took a more scrambled approach but we’re defeated, nonetheless. However, the villagers paid the price as the duo of villains flame struck several of them. Poor souls. Before I could return the act, the two vanished. By Reorx, I will protect the defensless next time. Without hesitation, the remaining villagers pointed the blame at us! The audacity! Thankfully, Makaria and Righty (glad to see him again) whipped up a performance to lull the would be mob.

This is where it gets interesting, for those who do not see portals and battles interesting. Makaria was asked by a noble woman by the name of Illantra to give a performance in a week’s time. Shortly after this request, we met up with the Knights whom we have traveled all this way to find. After sharing some information, we discovered that, in a week’s time, there will be a planetary alignment. Convenient, right? Illantra has been vocal in the past about uniting the Dark Knights and the Knights of Solamnia. We suspect she is planning some trickery at the forthcoming gathering, which we will be attending. None of us our sure how the alignment fits into the larger picture, but it cannot be good. I believe that some sleuthing is in order so as to not be caught with our leggings at our ankles come next week.


“Leggings at our ankles” LOL.

“I will protect the defensless next time” – As you should! Great job channeling Rigmore’s voice here.

You earned adventure log xp.


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