The Scales of Justice

Going Back North

I’m unsure with these adventurers I find myself with. I question there agendas and why they are truly helping the resistance. We are on our way north to ask for help from the Knights of Solamnia. I am looking forward to seeing some of my old friends, but at the same time, aware that they are involved in a war.

A new adventurer joined our party in Pashin named Sariel. She seems honorable and has a great set of yoga pants (cameltoe galore).

This adventure seems dangerous, but it isn’t anything that the group should be afraid of. Still unsure of Grayson, who decided to lay a trap out for me after expecting I would retaliate with my nut bag on his pretty little lips.


…and that trap nearly worked!

It’s important to note that you were a captain of the guard in the city of Palanthas, which is way to the northwest of Sanction, your current destination. You may not meet any of your former guardsmen.

Going Back North

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