The Scales of Justice

Do you want your shit to be slapped?!?! - Rigmor Talonbeard

I should have listened to Grayson, for once...

We continued our way toward Sanction. Our path was broken by volcanic mountains which had to be traversed, but not by much. Curiously, we came upon a Draconian, locked in the binding of magic. Turned to stone. Seeing one Draconian, even one made of rock, is rare enough. Not long after that though, a living, breathing, creation of tainted Dragons came barreling out of the woods. With little time to act, we took him down. Alive, anyway. Even a creature such as that deserves a word. Zhukko is his name. Something about being a Prince and searching for Honour. We decided to keep him on close guard, for now…
As if our travels could not get any more strange, a humanoid, by the race called Gith, appeared before us. He claimed the Draconian was a wanted man, but with little word to go on, we were reluctant to hand him over to someone with seemingly ill intent. Then, to top of this unique day, the Gith has the balls to insult ME! Does he not know that I crusade in the name of the Father of Creation and he who tamed Chaos itself? Does he not know that the aim of my hammer rings throughout the Realm and its blow is that of the righteous?!?
He should have found out. He almost found out. I should have listened to the Ranger. He told me to come down upon the stranger. Probably the smartest thing he has said since he has been with us. I had a momentary question of character though and instead chose to put a magical hold on this Gith, to question him more thoroughly about the given circumstance. I should have struck him though. Once we tied him up, he escaped his restraints through some sort of shift ability, marked us all as enemies of the Gith and disappeared. At least we still had his shiny sword.
I have never been to Sanction. I thought we may have some trouble entering with the Draconian. We tied him up with the intent on passing him off as a prisoner. Not necessarily a lie, at this point. We made our way to the Fireball Inn, which was a very fine place. We have plenty of steel pieces, so they are doing their best to please us. Unitorn offered her services and, from what I have heard from the applause, her performance is going well. I could tell from the start she was gifted. I am stuck in the room watching this Draconian and drinking ale. Could be worse. He seems a little softer around the edges than I though a Draconian would. They are good at deceiving though. Wait…what was that? Some commotion down in the performance hall…. I had better prepare my hammer, just in case….



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