The Scales of Justice

Did I make the right choice?

[A battle wages on in the distance.]

[John Notto can be seen on floating disk of land hovering above a vast sea of nothingness.]

[In the midst of this battle John Notto thinks to himself.]

John Notto: Many believe that there is a war between “Good” and “Evil”. Some call it a ‘battle’. Whatever it is, it is either over and done with, or still ongoing.

[Rays of energy are being fired from multiple directions as John throws a grappling hook to the next platform.]

JN: You can choose to be a spectator and victim, or a warrior and hero. You even get to choose sides, but you cannot be neutral. The choices have everlasting consequences… in this life and the next.

[John Notto is then hit with a ray of energy dropping him to the ground.]

[Is this the end?]

[I hope not…]


Harm is a nasty spell. Paladins take care of that pretty quickly though.

Great monologue. John Notto has certainly made his choice. Neutrality is not an option!

Speaking of which, now that the Temple of Sargonnas is destroyed, maybe John Notto will be able to pursue that burning question—who destroyed his monastery and his people?

Did I make the right choice?

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