The Scales of Justice

The real adventure begins

I certainly am starting to rather enjoy the company of my cohorts, especially the other dwarf. Though from two different backgrounds and even though I do not agree with some of his beliefs, such as wanting to murder our captive friend, a dwarf is a dwarf and it is always good to have someone else who enjoys the art of fighting by my side. I also can tell I am going to get along well with the odd looking fighter. He seems good natured and kind hearted. As for the others, they are tough to gauge right now, but I am sure they will be just as valuable as any other ready to join what appears to be quite an epic journey. After dispatching of some nasty ogres, we returned to my home, only to have our reunion cut short. It seems the Dark Knights and the denizens of Hell are ready to wage war on our realm. We may very well be the only ones who can stop them. My new friends are about to see what the sour end of my warhammer can really do. TO ARMS!!!!



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