The Scales of Justice

Don't ask the question if you're afraid of the answer...


“This is easy…” I said to myself as I walked through the crowds of people in the streets. People buzzing around running errands, buying goods, spreading gossip but in a way I envy them. They know who they are…maybe not in the deepest sense but on the surface everyone knows their name and address. These people have memories, memories of being young, life lessons, growing up.


I exist…

I exist to fight… or at least that is why I was created. That’s what I’m good at…

I came to this city hoping to find some answers instead I found a group of mismatched adventurers that I am now affiliated with. I don’t mean to speak ill of these men, for I am made up of mismatched parts. It just wasn’t what I was expecting at first, I guess that was my first life lesson: Expect the unexpected.

I do however enjoy the fact that we all have a common goal of helping those in need and that will have to suffice until I get the answers I’m looking for….

I don’t know if I’ll find the answers I’m looking for,


Great entry! The character’s voice comes through well.


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