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  • Stewart Donson

    Stewart Donson is the innkeeper of the Wounded Crow in Pashin. He is the leader of the resistance against the Dark Knight occupation of the town.

  • The Herald

    The Herald has made a name for himself traveling all over Ansalon. He recently performed at the inn of the Wounded Crow and prophetically told the PCs that "the sylvan key that is meant for you has fallen into the hands of the enemy!" He quickly lost …

  • Brent Roxley

    Brent was part of Pegrin's strong gang and was deputized with his callous and malicious friend once the Dark Knights temporarily left Pashin. Brent was the only survivor in the attack on Pegrin's camp. He is currently a prisoner in the dwarven kingdom …

  • Zuccoreg Dwin

    Zucco was involved in a genocide of the Knights of Solamnia 40 years ago. At the beginning of the War of Souls, the duergar (dark dwarves) launched an assault on the Knights of Solamnia in an attempt to destroy the order. Zucco was part of the hunting …

  • Irieella Blackbard

    Irieella Blackbard is a spy for the Knights of Solamnia who helped the party escape Avernus, the first circle of Hell. She is piecing together the nature of the relationship between Bel, ruler of Avernus, and the Dark Knights.

  • Prucilik Stonewarden

    Prucilik Stonewarden was rescued by the PCs deep underground in the kingdom of "Thoradin":http://dragonlancenexus.com/lexicon/index.php?title=Thoradin. One of the last of the Stonewarden family, her brothers were recently killed in the Dark Knight and …

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