The Scales of Justice

We're finally home...

We met this girl who was able to get us over the wall using her cloaking device. Fortunate for us she came at the right time as the demons attacked the wall. Besides me being a clumsy son of a bitch we actually made it to this underground meeting ground. To my surprise Steward Dotson is sitting in the middle of all these devils and suddenly disappears. I knew there was something strange about that guy. Righty McStabbins was able to get to a sceptor and activate it as we were fighting bearded devils. Fortunately Righty was able to get the sceptor working right as a Pit Fiend came in to kick our asses. It worked…we’re back home and somewhere in Solamnia. Best part is we got this chest with tons of good treasure. Bad news is the Dark Knights have formed some type of alliance with the devils. Now to find that little bitch Brent so I can kill him.

Son of a ...

I should have left when I had the chance. I got the information I needed on Zucco and I could have slipped out unnoticed. But no…I have to try and help out. Then, I could have taken off during all the confusion of the battle. It was clear that we were going to win, they didn’t need me anymore. Then the guy with a head that looks like a cock goes down and I have to play the hero and help him out. Next thing I know I’ve literally slipped into the seventh circle of HELL! I have to make it out of here alive so that Zucco can feel the wrath of my balls on his chin…before I kill him slowly.

Ah hell!!!

So the battle couldn’t have went any better as we defended the King Severus. We kicked some ass. Unfortunately these little pit fiend fuckers decided it was a cool thing to send us into the first layer of hell. Who the hell do they think they are?!! In a way I’m kind of glad we were taken to this place. I don’t know how much more we all would have been able to handle. Better being alive and in hell than six feet under I guess. Wait a second, are we alive still?

DM Recap--or-- How the hell did we get here?


February 26, 2013

After capturing Brent from Pashin who was on his way north, you seized his equipment including a sinister black mace and interrogated him to find out that the Dark Knights are attempting to re-seize the elven homeland of Silvanesti through an alliance with one of the devil lords of hell itself. The flying creature that you fought while capturing Brent was in fact an imp, and you had witnessed his meeting with an infernal messenger who had given him the mace just before you engaged him.

After debating what to do with him (Adrik wanted to kill him first and foremost) you decided it best to take a detour west and head for the dwarven kingdom of Thoradin and make Brent the king’s problem; surely the king wouldn’t want a deputy of the Dark Knights who cavorts with devils running through his lands! You had to fight your way to the front gates of Thoradin when you ran into ogres who were patrolling the king’s lands. Upon entering the massive dwarven kingdom, you see that it’s a kingdom under reconstruction, but that does nothing to lessen the grandeur of craftsmanship and architectural skill. After waiting for an audience with King Severus Stonehand, you were led into a grand chamber. The king sat on a gilded throne and was surrounded by dwarven warriors.

You quickly learned that the dwarves had reached a tenuous alliance with the Dark Knights whose lands lie on the northern borders of King Severus’s realm. The king is surrounded; Dark Knights are to the north, the hostile ogre kingdom lies to the south and west, and whatsmore the Knights of Solamnia are rumored to be fighting a monstrous army west of Thoradin in Solamnia— an army headed by a vicious half-giant named Ankhar— and many reports claim that ogres have been seen in that army. It’s clear that King Severus is surrounded by conflict amidst his efforts to rebuild.

You showed the black mace to the king who recalled that the mace had been used against the Knights of Solamnia in an attempted ritualistic cleansing 40 years ago by infernal sympathizers—the duergar, or dark dwarves. A particular dark dwark named Zucco was a part of that genocide. The sadistic infernal markings on the mace reflect that terrible story.

The meeting was then interrupted when devils of all kinds teleported into the throne room. A bone devil declared that the alliance between the Dark Knights and the king was broken, and that war had descended on the dwarven kingdom. The king and his elite warriors were quickly summoned to the front gates and there saw a massive army of ogres marching from the west towards Thoradin. The army was backed by flying devils that were setting the mountaintops ablaze with hellish fire.

March 9, 2014

At the gates of Thoradin you helped the dwarves defend the king as wave upon wave of ogres broke upon the doorstep. The king was not ready for a war, and his warriors were slow in arriving to the surface, most being involved in the rebuilding effort up until that moment. You demonstrated a heroic desire to protect King Severus, and whether it was because of an innate altruistic tendency or you knew that the dwarves were in turn protecting you, the king survived. However, the black mace you recovered, of which the king had attached to his belt, was a receiver to the infernal host. Three massive pit fiends teleported to the gates of Thoradin, all of whom carried a long black scepter. The scepters glowed dimly with a dark power, and the pit fiends uttered arcane words. A line of energy shot from one scepter to the other, forming a triangle around you and the embattled king.

When you came to, you stared up at a skyless expanse. A wall in front of you ran as far as the eye could see in both directions. Bone scaffolding dots the wall in various places suggesting constant repair. Behind that wall rises a bronze citadel of immense proportions. King Severus is there, along with two of his warriors, one who dies instantly having succumbed to his battle wounds. You quickly realize that you’ve been transported to the first layer of hell—the city of Avernus and the frontlines of the blood war between devils and demons. But why are you here? Why did hell go through so much trouble to transport Thoradin’s king to the front lines?

Isn't This Magical

Isn’t this magical? (in Fat Bastard voice). We decide to keep this prick Brent alive because it is supposedly the “smart” thing to do. Dragging his sorry ass all the way to Thoradin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lot more comfortable now that I am with more of my kind, but it just seems like a giant mistake. Come to find out that Brent has some type of ties to Duergar, fantastic! About 30 of these creatures appear in front of us and explain we’re going to die in so many words.
I hope the others are happy that we’re now facing an army of ogres and orcs just for trying to save this jackass. At least I am here with my kind and not just these morons. Makes me think we may have a fighting chance.

Big Trouble in Little Thoradin

While I know it would have been ethically wrong to let that hot headed dwarf kill our captive, I’m really starting to think I should have looked the other way. We go and take this side trip to Thoradin for the sake of this twerp and everything goes to hell. Literally!

I did get some prime information about Zucco from one of those smelly dwarves. Apparently he is infamous in their community as well. This dirtbag was involved with a massacre and has been seen in the company of some Duergar. What they hell are they right? Well I only had to wait a few minutes to find out because about 30 hellish creatures appear in the courtyard and basically tell us we’re all going down. Thankfully they left before Adric could do something stu..Adric. Close call right?

Whats that? The forces of hell have brought an army of Orcs and Ogres to the front gate? Terrific! I hope we can suit up…in some heavy armor before we take them on. Oh well, lets hope I live long enough to recruit some of these dwarves to help me hunt down Zucco.

If I’m not back in 5 minutes…just wait longer!

The real adventure begins

I certainly am starting to rather enjoy the company of my cohorts, especially the other dwarf. Though from two different backgrounds and even though I do not agree with some of his beliefs, such as wanting to murder our captive friend, a dwarf is a dwarf and it is always good to have someone else who enjoys the art of fighting by my side. I also can tell I am going to get along well with the odd looking fighter. He seems good natured and kind hearted. As for the others, they are tough to gauge right now, but I am sure they will be just as valuable as any other ready to join what appears to be quite an epic journey. After dispatching of some nasty ogres, we returned to my home, only to have our reunion cut short. It seems the Dark Knights and the denizens of Hell are ready to wage war on our realm. We may very well be the only ones who can stop them. My new friends are about to see what the sour end of my warhammer can really do. TO ARMS!!!!


Maybe its the multiple concussions in the past week talking but I’m actually starting to like these guys. The elf broad is a bit uppity but she has a nice dumper on her so I’ll put up with some of her nonsense. Plus she seems like she can hold her own. I’ll be damned if that dwarf isn’t growing on me a little bit. Its cute that he thinks he can get me back, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little startled to see his coin purse hovering over my face. Hats off to him that he was able to sneak in past the the caltrops…too bad he didn’t make it out the same way haha.

On to more important matters… Zucco better hang around those mines in Trueheart for a while. I’d hate to lose him again and be forced to start from scratch. I can’t in good conscience let the Dark Knights ruin another town with their bullshit. Hopefully this trip up north isn’t a total waste ane we can convince the Knights of Solamnia to help out and I can take care of Zucco once and for all.

Going Back North

I’m unsure with these adventurers I find myself with. I question there agendas and why they are truly helping the resistance. We are on our way north to ask for help from the Knights of Solamnia. I am looking forward to seeing some of my old friends, but at the same time, aware that they are involved in a war.

A new adventurer joined our party in Pashin named Sariel. She seems honorable and has a great set of yoga pants (cameltoe galore).

This adventure seems dangerous, but it isn’t anything that the group should be afraid of. Still unsure of Grayson, who decided to lay a trap out for me after expecting I would retaliate with my nut bag on his pretty little lips.

Don't ask the question if you're afraid of the answer...

“This is easy…” I said to myself as I walked through the crowds of people in the streets. People buzzing around running errands, buying goods, spreading gossip but in a way I envy them. They know who they are…maybe not in the deepest sense but on the surface everyone knows their name and address. These people have memories, memories of being young, life lessons, growing up.


I exist…

I exist to fight… or at least that is why I was created. That’s what I’m good at…

I came to this city hoping to find some answers instead I found a group of mismatched adventurers that I am now affiliated with. I don’t mean to speak ill of these men, for I am made up of mismatched parts. It just wasn’t what I was expecting at first, I guess that was my first life lesson: Expect the unexpected.

I do however enjoy the fact that we all have a common goal of helping those in need and that will have to suffice until I get the answers I’m looking for….

I don’t know if I’ll find the answers I’m looking for,


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