The Scales of Justice

Did I make the right choice?

[A battle wages on in the distance.]

[John Notto can be seen on floating disk of land hovering above a vast sea of nothingness.]

[In the midst of this battle John Notto thinks to himself.]

John Notto: Many believe that there is a war between “Good” and “Evil”. Some call it a ‘battle’. Whatever it is, it is either over and done with, or still ongoing.

[Rays of energy are being fired from multiple directions as John throws a grappling hook to the next platform.]

JN: You can choose to be a spectator and victim, or a warrior and hero. You even get to choose sides, but you cannot be neutral. The choices have everlasting consequences… in this life and the next.

[John Notto is then hit with a ray of energy dropping him to the ground.]

[Is this the end?]

[I hope not…]

The Beginning of the End - Rigmore Talonbeard
The Titular Line

The Devil proved to be a mighty adversary, but ultimately was felled by the side of Righteousness. Evil always ends up under the foot of Good. However, a toll was taken. Exhausted, injured and low on spells and morale, we found it wise to take a temporary retreat.
During our time of rest, something quite odd was discovered. In this realm of Sargonnas, we discovered a large stone archway, which John Notto disappeared into, as if walking through a door we could not see. Not even moments later, he returned and told us of a great field. Righty and I followed him back in. To my surprise, inside was a vast plain, seemingly without end. Before us was a casket of sorts.
Encased in a stone box with a sort of glass top was what appeared to be a Knight of the Rose Order, laid to rest and dressed in magnificent armour. Underneath his body was something almost indescribable. A weapon so beautiful and well-crafted, I could feel its strength. It bore the resemblance of a mythical Dragonlance! Against my protests, Righty made his way into the tomb only to easily draw the weapon. Though I do not agree with taking it, its presence here is peculiar and it will aid us, for sure.
After some rest, we returned to where we last saw Zucco, only to enter a vast chasm with patches of earth floating in the abyss. I attempted to get in a quick cheap shot on the dark dwarf, but be is smarter than i thought. Zuccoreg and his bull headed mate will now have to answer for their actions against Sanction. Finally, we end this.

What happens when you die?



[From the darkness a Horned Devil emerges, smiling a evil grin. He is locked in combat with a dark figure.]

[Words are then spoken, not by the Devil. Not by the dark Figure.]

[Almost as if someone is watching what is happening.]

Voice: _From the smallest to the greatest, from the richest to the poorest, everyone eventually dies. But what happens after death? Can you know for sure?

[The Devil lands a hard punch on the figure.]
Ultimately, everyone dies. It is not a matter of if, but when._
Sadly, and due to a wide variety of reasons and circumstances, some seek death, considering it the only solution. Others try to delay the inevitable through good health. Still others tragically lose their lives through time and chance. Sometimes disease or other illnesses bring a death sentence, leaving a person with nothing to do but wait for the end._

[The Devil lands another hard punch on the figure.]

Many view the end of their lives with uneasiness. They ponder, “What’s next?”—“Will I live again?”—“Is this it?”—“Will I ever see my loved ones again?”—“Where am I going after this life?”

[The Devils tail then strikes the chest area of the figure. The figure is jolted back then slides forward a bit and his face is reviled to be that of John Nottos.]
Death comes for us all._

[John Notto begins to fail to the ground.]

At the statue of vengeance
Z. Beeblebrox

I heard Zucco’s voice somehow. We were all at the statue. What he offered, I should not have been able to turn down. Vengeance. Vengeance against those who killed my entire clan. How could I have turned down such a thing? I do not even care about these people. Well, except for the dwarven cleric. He is dreamy and I love what he has been doing with his beard lately. I am getting off track a bit though. As I was saying… I should have killed Grayson. Should have used him to get my wish. He did not make that decision easy for me. He called us cowards for not dispatching of the noblewoman. Her greatest sin was greed. She would have made a nice act of vengeance for trying to profit from war on her town.

Dictated but not read,
Zora Beeblebrox

An Act of Vengeance - Rigmor Talonbeard
Open Sesame

I have greatly offended Reorx in my geasing of our asset. I understand his anger and am disappointed in myself. He has let easy for my sins, for he knows desperate times call for desperate measures and I have never let him down before. I must stay righteous in this quest. I likely will not be using that spell in the near future.

The good news is that we did not have to commit murder to enter the temple, as much as some of the other party would have liked to. The Elven music box was the key the whole time. Not sure if it was meant for that purpose but it certainly triggered the Temple to open. This place, it is like nothing I have ever seen, nowhere I have ever been. It is vast yet compact. It is without time, space or even feeling. Everyone here seems oddly at ease.

We were greeted by denizens of the Temple. They showed us how to arrive at our purpose. The others found out where Zucco and the Minotaur were and we soon confronted them. No sooner did we find them did they summon group of Devils to welcome us. They are strong and I am starting to burn through spells. This battle is feeling hopeless and I wonder was it us who came to find them or they who wanted to find us.

The Tension Grows... - Rigmor Talonbeard
Under Pressure

By Reorx’s mighty fist, Mayor Hogan Bight is a shape shifting dragon! He may or may not have flown to counsel with and conscript the aid of other ancient dragons to combat an army of black dragons that are on their way to destroy Sanction. That may be the wildest thing this dwarf has heard in a long time! Should be an abyss of a fight!
Alas, I have felt a bit off though. Maybe this battle will lift my spirits, for I fear I have gained some disapproval by the All Father. My use of the geas on Elandra did not seem favoured by Reorx. In my defense, I only used it to assure the safety of all parties and feared it was a last resort, as this town and it’s folk are in dire need of time.
She has shown us a statue which may indeed be the portal to our answers. However, we are afraid of how one may enter. Some of the others, they tried to use the woman as a key… I, and a few others, intervened. We could not let them. This woman is innocent, a pawn at best. But, now the group seems at odds with one another. Meanwhile, the hourglass is draining.


I though I’d seen it all these past couple of months. I’ve literally been to hell, fought devils and demons, made friends with a dwarf, and made an enemy of a minotaur mage. Today was the strangest day yet. I fought a rediculous black dragon, AND WON! Only to have an even bigger bronzer dragon show up. Thank the light that this dragon was friendly. How do I know that you ask? I’ll tell you. He turned into the damned MAYOR! Yup, that’s right dragons can turn into people. Or people can turn into dragons. Either way it blew my mind and I’m still processing it.

Moving on. With Mayor Dragon on our side I finally like our chances to take down Zucco. As much as I’d like to bury an arrow fletching deep between his eyes, I could take a certain pleasure in watching him roast alive his that fancy plate armor of his.

Stay tuned, this is about to get interesting.

The Hand of Reorx is the Hand of Justice! - Rigmor Talonbeard
I Spy

Dark Knights. Their law is not the law. Who are they to determine what is the law? I will not stand for the torture of a child. Dark Knights are not the state, therefore spying is not an act of treason. To make an example of a poor child in front of a crowd of terrified townfolk is not Justice. You bet your ass I walked right up to that Knight and demanded he release the boy! And if Kren thought he would then make an example of Rigmor, he was gravely mistaken! Getting his cronies to surround me only heightened my lust for bringing my hammer upon their skulls. Alas, what would have been quite a bit of fun was interrupted by Hogan Bight, the Mayor of Sanction. He was grateful for my standing up to those bespeckled thugs.
I also happened to make a very strong connection with the Temple in Sanction. Reorx is mighty in presence there and I feel stronger just to bask in his righteous light. I conversed with the High Priest, Gristis Ironforge. He is quite good with power of the Father.
Grayson has been having nightmares, though. We all have had some nightmare, in a matter of speaking. His are constant at night though. He grows unrested. It affects his skills. I was not able to do anything to help. Hopefully, they soon will end with the completion of this journey. I feel it coming to a close.

Welcome to my Nightmare

I’m closing in on this Zucco dirtbag, we’ve got Dark Knights all over town trying to bring demons out of the abyss, and whats obviously a trap at Unitorn’s performance this weekend. The last thing I need is one more thing put on my plate. Enter Zucco and his nightmare shit that keeps me restless all night. I tried to handle the problem on my own and gave away the condor pendant but that didn’t help. The bastard was back the following night for round two. I was so exhausted the next morning that I had to seek help from the dwarf. He’s a good guy (for a dwarf), and has been a reliable ally but I died a little inside reaching out to him for help.

We were able to work out a temporary solution, but unless I can kill Zucco and his Minotaur pal soon this is going to be a real problem. There has to be some sort of magical item I can find in one of these back alleys to hide me from him. The element of surprise is something I’m going to need on my side going forward.

(hears noise outside of the fireball inn)

WHAT NOW?! …what’s all this noise is outside? I better go investigate…

Blood and bloody ashes! Look at all those Dark Knights!

OF COURSE Rigmore is headed right for them…

(runs out of the room singing)

We’ll drink the wine till the cup is dry,
And kiss the girls so they’ll not cry,
And toss the dice until we fly,
To dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

Sneak Sneak Sneak

[Righty McStabbins and John Notto can be seen sitting in the lobby at the Hotel that they are calling home for the time being.]

Righty: “So you drink because the love of your life left you?”

[John takes a sip from his bottle.]

John: “Nope, my turn.”

[John passes the bottle to Righty.]

John: “Where you magically conceived?”

[Right takes a sip from the bottle.]

Righty: “No by your Mother!”

[John just stares blankly at Righty and grabs the bottle and takes a huge gulp.]

Righty: “Calm down Mate, I’m just busting your hump. Save some for me.”

John: “I didn’t know my Mother or my Father. Or at least my biological ones. Sometimes I think about them…. sometimes I’ll think about what I would ask them if they were in front of me. I’m not angry with them…’

[John catches himself and stops. He just continues to look down.]

Righty: “Listen we all have questions that don’t have answers. I’m looking for my sister and have zero leads but that won’t stop me from trying my hardest to find her. If you want answers go get them.”

[Righty stands up.]

Righty: “But you won’t find any answers in that bottle.”
[Righty walks out leaving John to ponder what he told him.]*


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