The Scales of Justice

There is no honour for those who do not fight.
Prince Zhukko

Stuck in a room with a dwarf is not how one would find honour. But it is something I have no problem doing in order to complete the group’s mission should I want to find mine. We have infiltrated the inn where we can seek information. The bard got herself a show downstairs to get everyone distracted. The monk and the ranger are having a drink in plain view to keep a watchful eye on the bard. While the gnome walks around the inn looking for clues, me and the dwarf are drinking in the room as they do not fully trust me yet. Who knows how long it will take for them to trust me, one will never……….


The dwarf received word about the Giths returning and with numbers. The party must be in trouble. Rigmor hands me my weapons and started heading downstairs. I do not want to call attention to myself, or do i? The stairs will take too long. There is a clear line to the theatre from the balcony, this will make due. * (LEAPS OFF BALCONY, AND SPREADS GLORIOUS WINGSPAN TO GLIDE DOWN TOWARDS ONE OF THE MAIN THEATRE WINDOWS)*

EXPEXTO PATRONUM!!!” a Draconian warcry in which leaving it to be the last words some inferior creatures hear for the last time on this living plane. I crash through a window and lo a behold, 6 Giths facing my allies. I ready my weapon, I ready my hate. I was impressed by the abilities of my allies. The ranger swift and surgical with the bow. The bard and her spells. The gnome and her prowess. The monk…….with the ability to not die from such a brutal attack. And most of all, Rigmor. Who would’ve thought a dwarf can leap such heights to attack. They impress me every time I see them fight. The way they work together, as a team, as one unit. Such partnership I’m not too familiar with.

It was a grueling fight, but not one we would lose. Thanks to two elves donning red robes, Jistilis and Fendrithin. Our fight isn’t over, in fact it was just beginning. We have ways to go and with new looted gear, something tells me we will not be fighting in just one plane. These dimensional shackles will come in handy the next time we face the Gith. We can keep one here from phasing away or possibly shackle myself to keep them from taking me, as it seems that they are after me. The reason for that is beyond me. But all I know is we are just at the tip of the iceberg, and the more go deeper, the closer we will be to the truth, and the closer I am to finding honour.

Allied Forces - Rigmor Talonbeard
Gith Happens

Twas a chaotic scene. With little time to react and my hammer in hand, I leapt onto the bar and ran across. Heaving myself into the air, over the Gnome, I brought the mighty fist of Reorx upon the crown of a Gith interloper. Reorx could have put a little more “oomph” behind it, if you ask me. Though my blows were true and mighty, they seemed to have less of an impact. The Draconian came crashing into the theatre then, presumably yelling about “Honour” and whatnot. The fight was quite the struggle, thusfar, then something odd happened. A couple of men, fitted in long, red robes, unleashed a fury of arcane wonder. It was quite the display. The Gith eventually succumb to the combination of our brute force and the apparent Mage allies. A post battle conversation about the state of affairs and our party’s collective visions peaked the Mages interest. Reorx has guided us to them, I am sure, for our mission becomes a ever clearer and the power of Good grows ever stronger. Now, to see how the Red Robes can help and if the Draconian can truly help this quest.

Empty bottle

John Notto: Fucking hell!

[John pounds his fist into the bed realizing his just got ink on the blanket. He wipes off what he can then begins writing in his journal.]

“I was a square peg in a round hole and just felt like I came from outer space. Its easy to fall into that line of thinking when you’re left at a monastery and raised by Monks. I just was starting to feel like I belonged but then…”

[John collects himself and begins writing again.]

__"But then they were all gone…all of them killed and the monastery was leveled. That was the catalyst… thats why I picked up the bottle at age 15. I got drunk the first day and it gave me a feeling of being grown up. It certainly boosted my ego. I believe all the things I did in life were to cover up my feelings of inferiority and my self-centered fear of being alone. I didn’t drink every day as I didn’t have the money nor the opportunity, but I drank whenever I could._

“From having an inferiority complex I developed a superiority complex with a few drinks in me. I became loud and aggressive. I would wander the countryside stopping at different towns and I started drinking with everyone/anyone and I honestly thought it would help me to be a man but all it did was make me think I was a man.”

“I was really unhappy and just drank to escape my life. My addiction built steadily and, before I realized it, I had become a morning as well as an afternoon drinker so I decided to stop drinking…or at least try to stop. I would lay awake most of the night, and by noon the next day every bone in my body ached.”

“In a blind panic, I nervously poured a glass full of ale, my hands shaking so violently that I spilled half the bottle. As I gulped it down, I could feel the agony gradually lessening. Then I finally knew the terrible truth: I was hooked. I couldn’t quit.”_

[Rigmor walks into the room.]

Rigmor: Hey John, we are heading downstairs to watch Unitorns performance. You coming?

John: Yes….I need a drink.

The Show Must Go On
Makaria Unitorn

A draconian by the name of Prince Zhukko has joined our group. Not too sure how to feel about this fellow yet… we shall have to keep a close watch on this tricky fellow. After a battle with the Gif, we made our into Sanction, in which we to landed upon a lovely abode called the Fireball Inn (ahhh, the name brings music to my ears.)

It was my moment… my moment to take the stage and shine. I agreed to perform that evening and was able to captivate my audience. Grayson and Notto are half in the bag at the bar, Rigmore keeping watch over Zhukko in our room, and Zora is seated in the audience. At the grand finale however… I spot the Gif… my adrenaline is on overload as is and after seeing the creature, I know this is only the beginning of what is about to be a wild and crazy night.

Out of the cavern, into the woods, and over the mountain
Zora Beeblebrox
After seeing poor Prusilik’s brother with a demon emerging from his chest, and a new enemy, a man named Zucco, who wears the emblem of a red condor, and his Minotaur crony, we quickly left the catacombs. This experience surely opened my eyes to the scope of what is happening in Thoradin. I know now that my conscience will not allow myself to abandon this cause, so I will have to put my faith in these adventurers, as they seem to fight with great spirit and for the right reason. Some of our party have seen a vision of a map, and feel that we must visit the city of Sanction now to meet with the Knights of Salmania (sp?) and hopefully get some help in this battle. Our journey was long and eventful. We ran into giants, a dragon, that jerk Zucco and his Minotaur friend again, Grayson found a new companion, a dog named Hopper, we climbed a volcano, we saw a statue, we ran into a draconian who we fought at first, but then decided we should be friends with after meeting the bigger jerk who was chasing him. Such fun times! You almost forget there are forces working to rain pure evil onto Ansalon.
Do you want your shit to be slapped?!?! - Rigmor Talonbeard
I should have listened to Grayson, for once...

We continued our way toward Sanction. Our path was broken by volcanic mountains which had to be traversed, but not by much. Curiously, we came upon a Draconian, locked in the binding of magic. Turned to stone. Seeing one Draconian, even one made of rock, is rare enough. Not long after that though, a living, breathing, creation of tainted Dragons came barreling out of the woods. With little time to act, we took him down. Alive, anyway. Even a creature such as that deserves a word. Zhukko is his name. Something about being a Prince and searching for Honour. We decided to keep him on close guard, for now…
As if our travels could not get any more strange, a humanoid, by the race called Gith, appeared before us. He claimed the Draconian was a wanted man, but with little word to go on, we were reluctant to hand him over to someone with seemingly ill intent. Then, to top of this unique day, the Gith has the balls to insult ME! Does he not know that I crusade in the name of the Father of Creation and he who tamed Chaos itself? Does he not know that the aim of my hammer rings throughout the Realm and its blow is that of the righteous?!?
He should have found out. He almost found out. I should have listened to the Ranger. He told me to come down upon the stranger. Probably the smartest thing he has said since he has been with us. I had a momentary question of character though and instead chose to put a magical hold on this Gith, to question him more thoroughly about the given circumstance. I should have struck him though. Once we tied him up, he escaped his restraints through some sort of shift ability, marked us all as enemies of the Gith and disappeared. At least we still had his shiny sword.
I have never been to Sanction. I thought we may have some trouble entering with the Draconian. We tied him up with the intent on passing him off as a prisoner. Not necessarily a lie, at this point. We made our way to the Fireball Inn, which was a very fine place. We have plenty of steel pieces, so they are doing their best to please us. Unitorn offered her services and, from what I have heard from the applause, her performance is going well. I could tell from the start she was gifted. I am stuck in the room watching this Draconian and drinking ale. Could be worse. He seems a little softer around the edges than I though a Draconian would. They are good at deceiving though. Wait…what was that? Some commotion down in the performance hall…. I had better prepare my hammer, just in case….

I am Prince Zhukko and I Get Respekt.
Your Silver and Jewelry is What I Expect.

“Months of travelling and searching, scavenging and surviving. Learning, discovering, has lead me here in the thick of it all. Tall trees that cover the sky, an endless sea of green above me. Food is scarce, and my clothes mere rags, I see signs of civilization ahead. Amongst other things, I come across tracks that aren’t mine. I’m put in a crossroads: a clue to what I’ve been searching for, and someone tracking me. Nearing the edge of the forest, I head towards the opening, I need open ground to establish a better vantage point in case some one is in fact tracking me. A loud snap of a branch cuts through the air, no time to react, I must make a break out of the forest.
I escaped the woods, from the sea of green to the blinding glow of the sun. Before I knew it, even before my eyes adjusted to the brightness, an arrow decided to find its way in my flesh. A group of travelers that seemed as if they’ve been waiting for me. This group was clearly more ready for me than I was of them, they were for certain not the ones tracking me. But their arrow wasn’t an invitation for a friendly chat. I….see…..RED.
A thousand years of fire ignites within, I feel it burn through me, I clutch my great axe with a grip that could turn coals to diamonds. I set my eyes on the closest member of the group, I need not to ask who wants to dance first. I make it rain hate. But in the middle of the storm, the clouds break, the sun peaks through, I stopped myself. Perhaps I should ask why they attack or even who they are. There’s not much honor in claiming a stranger’s life. Not even a second after I draw back my axe, my body becomes still, lifeless, as if I’m standing next to it and staring at myself. Next thing I know a dwarf attacks, and the group ties me up.
A new stranger pops up, he was not one of them. He had plenty to say, he was the one tracking me. The group made a piss poor attempt of taking him on, the dwarf wasn’t bad, but they could use more help to take on someone like that. The stranger vanishes without his sword, a shiny bit, could go for a good amount of pieces. I regain control of my body, the group has managed to find some sense in talking to strangers before attacking.
With much skepticism, they agree to take me along to Sanction. The monk is a character, but I trust him best of the group….for now. The dwarf could prove to be a worthy adversary, or foe. I am sure a good fight is in store for us, whether side by side or face to face, time will tell. The rest of the group is still up in the air, they trust me as far as they can throw me…they cannot. The feeling is mutual, I mean they attacked me before saying a word.
We arrive at Sanction and we find ourselves at the Fireball Inn. Through lies and tricks, the group somehow got a Draconian in their room. If I have to spend another minute tied up, or hidden in a closet, I will surely burn this whole place down. Where is the honor in hiding, in being tied up? Whatever this group is after, perhaps will lead me to what I am looking for as well. But right now, they could use my help as much as I will surely need theirs.
A long blood line of draconian royalty, fought many battles and crushing enemies for honor, these are things that made my clan great. And now I am on my own, my bloodline ends with me, my battles are few and far in between, with no honor show for it, and I’m stuck in a room with a dwarf. At least we have libations from the monk, the only thing better than a dwarf, is a drunk dwarf.”

Donnie Jeffcoat and the Martin Predmore Dancers

A dwarf, a tiefling and a draconian walk into a bar… That sounds like a joke right? Nope, this is my life right now! We were almost there, half a day until we got to Sanction and a bloody draconian hauls ass into our group. I plugged him with an arrow out of sheer instinct combined with my cat like reflexes. The group managed to get him wrangled when some other jack-off shows up running his mouth.

After giving this “Gif” (never heard of em) a sound beating he tells us we are all marked and then plane shifts. Wonderful, now we’re stuck with this draconian, and some NEW group of weirdos on our ass. This will end well, I am 100% sure it was a great idea to steal the guys sword. As if traveling with the dwarf wasn’t bad enough.

When we reach the town, we pretend the Draconian is our prisoner. If he’s going along with all this I’m hoping we can trust him, but his name is Zucco…really? What are the odds? Only time will tell. We make our way to the Fireball Inn where as it turns out Unitorn is going to be performing. She was incredible, standing ovation and everything. I didn’t see that coming. Sure she talks… a LOT about singing but if find it weird that we’ve been traveling together all this time and she hasn’t showcased those abilities. Its always fireball this and thunder wave that.

Wait! Where did they come from? Oh shit, looks like the Giff has found us. Can’t a guy get drunk with a half-elf monk in peace…

Waves and Balls
Makaria Unitorn
Monsters and minotaurs, and DRAGONS, OH MY! As our group traversed, we ran into Grayson’s canine companion, Hop-BAE. I have an excellent feeling that this pooch will be a great addition to our crazy lot. Coming in hot, we encountered an acid-breathing dragon!! Our attempted escape proved unsuccessful at first. The dragon sprayed his stank acid upon us all! We were in for a fiery battle with this beast.

I casted fireball and thunder wave, hoping to inflict damage and pain on the dragon (side note: tiefling may as well be synonymous for pyromaniac..,Maybe it’s the horns? ;) ) My fellow companions put their everything into this battle, the piercings from arrows, copious amounts of healing, sweat and blood shed. We certainly felt the heat of this battle ( please bear with the continuous fire innuendos, I just can’t help myself- the snark is strong with this one.) The dragon finally went down. I think it’s time we go into town and throw a few back… perhaps some of Notto’s famous margaritas….?

Walk the line

Note to self: When facing a dragon, don’t stand around in a straight line. Not once, but twice we ALL got hit with acid from that giant monster. This must have been one of the ancient dragons, we did the entire realm a favor by taking out this creature. In truth, we got lucky. This thing was putting a serious smackdown on my group when I caught it off guard with my vine spell keeping the bastard somewhat grounded.

With that lil bit of bragging out of the way, I’ll move on to the “fun” stuff. As good as it is to see Hopper, his presence, and the passing of his bond must mean that Elyas is dead. I’d bet my life on it that Zucco is behind this. I saw him in the tower of the haunted keep. That stupid Red Condor on his chest, might as well be a bullseye. I’ll have to lure him away from that minotaur he rolls with (that sum bitch is scary) and kill him nice and slow. If I’m short on time I’ll just slit his damn through and be done with it, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.


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