The Scales of Justice

The Corruption of Lake Hulitys

357 A.C.

75 years ago…

Soon after the War of the Lance, some of the dragonarmies led by the dragon highlords either dispersed or were crushed. The black dragonarmy, led by Highmaster Cadrio, met such a fate in Northern Ergoth after a desperate attempt to conquer the northern lands of Ansalon. Dragons fell from the sky that day, and their dragonriders were lost to the chaos of battle, turning to dust that both history and time forgot.

An adult black dragon, called Nilth by her dragonrider, turned against her decimated army by killing her rider and sheltering the one thing that was at the forefront of her mind—her whelp. Knowing that the end was coming for the black dragonarmy, Nilth scooped her whelp in her arms—a newly born male— and flew south to hide him amidst the primeval forests in the Khalkist Mountains.

There, Nilth found the ancient keep of Lord Galan, fallen cleric of Kiri Jolith. The death knight’s keep was already becoming part of the forest, and the death knight hadn’t been heard of in decades. The pristine lake nestled in the steep valley just below the keep would make a perfect home, and the sheer cliff face that the keep was built into would clearly help provide seclusion for her whelp to grow and become strong. But first, the lake.
Nilth taught her whelp the power of decay, the necessity to control the life of plants and animals and glory in their death. The energies of death pervaded her teachings, and in time, the lake began to grow black, its waters polluted by the foulness of decay and the stench of evil.

One day, while Nilth tortured a gnome who was passing along the lakeshore as a lesson to her whelp, Lord Galan returned. The death knight avoided his ruin of a keep altogether, and strode straight to the water’s edge, watching Nilth pluck out the eyes of the gnome and feed them with sickening glee to her son as the gnome screamed in horror and pain, the screams dying on the fetid bare branches of trees that once grew lush and green on the lake’s edge.

“Dragon,” the death knight said. “Come.” The death knight barely raised his voice, but malice and cruelty against all life carried it across the corrupted waters. Nilth, looking at the glee in her son’s eyes as she slowly fed the gnome to her son, spread her great black wings and launched from her tortures towards the death knight. Opening her maw, Nilth gave a shriek as she sped towards him across the black waters, intending to kill the knight. Lord Galan simply raised his hand, palm toward her.

Nilth quivered. Halted in mid-air, she felt the dying of her conscience as the death knight’s control settled over her. “You will assist me, dragon. Kneel,” Lord Galan commanded. With her last vestige of free thought, Nilth looked toward her son finishing the gnome on the far shore.

“My son?” Nilth asked.

“He will be able to care for himself,” Lord Galan uttered. “You are needed. Come.” Nilth alighted on the shore next to the death knight, curling her wings close to her side to allow him onto the razor sharp ridges of bone that protruded from her black scales. Those ridges of bone would not hurt him.

Lord Galan leapt onto Nilth in two powerful leaps. Spreading her wings, Nilth looked again at her son as she flew north, commanded by Lord Galan’s powerful suggestion. The young male dragon—Drilthistyx—slurped the remains of the gnome as he watched his mother disappear over the cliff that rose above the ancient keep.

A Glimpse of Horror- Rigmor Talonbeard

Beowulf must have let his judgment get the better of him. What was supposed to be an army of demons was nothing but a swarm of bats! Vile, winged rodents, nothing more. Then, something curious happened. Zucco, the dirty excuse for a dwarf, and a Minotaur, oddly enough, came strolling through the cavern. Not a second passed before we were engaged in battle. The half cow started casting spells. Quite unusual for its kind. The Bard, whom has proven to be a quick thinker, casts back causing Zucco incredible pain resulting in the two fleeing by way of teleportation. Interesting…

I wish the day got easier from here. It did not. Upon finding what we believe to be the room containing whatever it is we are to be protecting, we also found one of Prucilik’s brothers. He must have been used as some sort of ritual sacrifice, for from his torso jutted a pair of black, hellish arms. They were seemingly frozen in time, contorted in anguish. The girl was in sorrow. Understandably so. These dark knights appear to need Stonewardens to pull their demon allies from the depths of fire, and we are in possession of the last one. The room could not be entered by any of our means and it appears whomever is trying to get in either missed the entrance or also could not enter.

We exited the catacombs to meet up with King Severus. He deemed it our duty to continue our path in this fight and it is one I accept willingly. Upon offering us payment, I declined, for the benefit of rebuilding my home. The action caused My Liege to bestow his very own armour to me. I now wear it with the utmost pride and honour.

Our next step was to travel to Sanction. Members of our party think there lies the answer to many of our questions. However, an arduous few days stand between us and our destination, an expedition filled with peril. Giants! I hate giants! Luckily, the bigger they are, the harder they fall…

Missed Opportunities

BLOOD AND BLOODY ASHES! I BLEW IT! I had a shot at Zucco and hesitated. My new friends hit him with all they had but by the time I got close enough to him the son of a bitch teleported away. Side note: he was with what seemed to be a Minotaur Mage of some sort… I’m not expert on Minotaurs but when the F#@$ did they start using magic? Anyway, back to my self pity sesh. The silver lining is he seems to be mixed up with the people we’re after. Chances are I’ll get another shot. When I see him again I’ll be sure not to waste any time.

Minotaurs and Magic

I’m not a expert on Magic and definitely not a expert on Minotaurs. But one thing I know for a fact is that the two rarely mix well. I say rarely and not never because I saw a minotaur cast a spell and transport himself and another figure out of the cavern we where in. I can’t help but feel that dark forces are at work here and am sure we haven’t seen the last of those two figures but all is not gloom and doom.

My new traveling party as I like to refer to them has found a scared room of the Dwarves, rumored to be lost. I’m sure some may have questioned its own existence but I would not say those worlds out loud as to not incite the rage of any Dwarfs nearby. As we spoke to the King he explained how we found “the door” but we are missing “the key” so now that is when this journey takes us. On a race to find “the key” before anybody else does, and even though I just joined this group I am compelled to stay and assist as this matter is bigger than any one individual and if I can help in preventing the end of the world as we know it then it shall be worthwhile cause.

John Notto background

This post is to be my entry for the session that I was sick for.

A number of years ago a infant was left at the front gate of a monastery wrapped in a blanket. It was a difficult time in the region as the two largest Warrior tribes were at war with each other and the forest had turned into the site of many battles and ambushes. The Child was given the name John Notto by the eldest Monk Kegroll Chan who raised him to learn the ways of the of the martial arts and the bow. At the age of 17 John was tasked with the responsibility of scouting and mapping a distant area for record.

After a few months of information gathering he returns to home, or where home once was. What is left is charred plants and blackened ground, the monastery had been destroyed. John examined the area and finds the body of his mentor Kegroll. In anger, John went off to live on his own, being orphaned for the second time in his life.

After years of isolation, John had lived the life of a hunter, adapting the skills he was taught to help catch game and make clothes. Never staying in any one area for more than a day John wandered until he found himself lost in a foreign world. From a distance he noticed a pillar of smoke and went to go exam the cause. As he wanders up the path he stumbles upon a group of adventurers right outside a Dwarven City under attack…..

In the Cavern

After a night in the bard’s cozy accommodation, we set out to explore the cavern and hopefully find the dwarf king Beowulf’s stolen relics. While we all knew it was never going to be an easy task, the scope of what we had gotten ourselves into became very clear as soon as we left the antechamber and entered the catacombs proper. We would not be able to simply search through and find the relics. As we decided how to approach the search, the bard overheard strange noises and told us of voices just out of sight- ogres- speaking of their lost sacrifice. (That’s what they were saying, right?) The dwarf cleric thought himself clever and ran up to view the couple, while I decided to stand back and pull one of the ogres over to us. Surely we would have better chances against one rather than two, or more— it would be only a matter of time before they found us. However before I could cast my spell, the fool fell over and clattered so loudly I’m surprised the dead remained still. My plan in shambles, the dwarf doubles down on his mistakes and marked himself as a shining beacon, of course he was hit by a fireball- or two. How could he not? I managed to get over and revive him from the brink of death, and also to hack one of those foul creatures down to my size. I do wonder what these relics purpose is, and whether we are wise to provide aid to these dwarves— they seem trustworthy enough though, and those who are against them seem truly malevolent.

Comedy of Errors
Hopper Pass

My head is spinning right now, so many feels. We started searching in this mausoleum for this ancient relic. Then all of the sudden… a presence I haven’t felt since… Why would my Ranger mentor Elyas be in Thoradin? We could really use the help so I won’t complain. These dwarves don’t know their ass from the hole in the ground that they also happen to live in.

Then, just as suddenly I felt an overwhelming surge of emotion as Elyas passed the bond he has with his wolf Hopper to me. I can feel Hopper getting closer, but I can’t sense Elyas anymore. What the hell is going on?

Oh shit! I guess I’ll have to deal with this later. The damn dwarf ran into a wall or something and now we’ve got 2 Ogres coming right for us. I’m all out of sorts at the moment so I grab the dwarf woman and head into the darkness to hide her. I shot at one of the ogres using ensnaring strike. That was dumb! Those things are huge, did I really think a few vines were going to stop it. Then Unitorn blasts the dwarf with a fireball. (I did enjoy that quite a bit. “oh help, my beard is on fire” hehehe) Then the monk gets knocked right on his ass (he was still a little drunk… lightweight) and a horrendous looking ogre mage lights us up with a fireball. Then I go and miss an easy shot at the ogre. I never miss…especially when the target is so big and close. I’m so out of it, I almost got hit with a tree. Thankfully, I’m just that damn good and I dodged at the last second.

I’m not sure who because my mind is elsewhere but one of my companions took out the remaining ogres. I feel Hopper getting closer with each passing minute. I also feel a stream of piss running down my leg because I hear a hoard of god knows what heading in our direction.

Time to go!

Clerical Error- Rigmor Talonbeard
"It is not your time...."

Finding this ancient relic is proving to be quite the task. As we delve deeper into the catacombs, it is without a doubt that these foul messengers of Evil will stand against us every chance they get. We happened upon a few Ogres but, upon my assessment of the situation, I took a misstep and noisily crashed into the mineral formations that jettison in every which direction. Having heard my clumsiness, they hastily advanced on us. The tiefling bard, Unitorn, released a fireball that seemed mostly to leave the Ogres unaffected but had me roasting in my armour! Then, a most wretched looking Ogre Mage appeared and placed her own fireball into the middle of our group.

Everything went white……

The next thing I knew, I was standing in a field at the entrance of a grand stone bridge that stretched across a chasm that seemingly went on forever. On the other side was a magnificent kingdom, made of the most radiant ores and hardiest stones! The sky seemed to be golden around it! I started to walk across the bridge but suddenly felt compelled to stop. I looked up and saw a massive figure, though the light coming from behind was so blinding that my vision proved too blurry and hindered to make out who it was. He spoke in a voice so booming and commanding, yet comforting at the same time. I swear it was the voice of the Almighty Reorx himself. He told me I had unfinished business in the material plane and the everything went black.

I awoke, undoubtedly the work of the Paladin, to see my friends fighting one of the Ogres next to me. I stood up, quickly healed what damage I could and dropped my shield. With the renewed strength of the Father of Creation, I took two great swipes with my hammer, felling the rancid creature. The rest of the party then quickly dispatched of the other Ogres, only to quickly find we were not out of the fire yet. Thane Beowulf suddenly reappeared to tell us that something was coming our way. Something much, much worse…….

Leading up to Leomund's

Our diverse, yet powerful group accomplished quite the feat. We were asked by the king to help defeat and fend off the enemies. Before our attack, several members of our group healed some of the sick and impaired citizens. After reviving these dwarves, we got down to business. By working together, utilizing some powerful spells , and executing superior attacks, we were able to kill our enemies (some epic and monstrous creatures). At this point, we were able to free the restrained girl who was surrounded by the attacked creatures, in which she started speaking of an old dwarf King. Our group was unsure what to make of this until all of a sudden Unitorn recognized this king from her music studies of lore. The spirit of the King appeared and seeked out our help. We made the decision to take on this conquest. Unitorn cast up Leomund’s hut before embarking what I’m sure is about to be an interesting and eventful adventure.

The Hangover

I’m a little hazy on the details of the past couple days. My head is killing me, and i’m in a hut made by some chick with horns and I got hammered with a monk last night. Note to self: I think that guys got a problem. I know I’m hungover but what the hell happened to that guy with the penis face? He seems to have just disappeared. Then there was that other Rogue…Doc McStabbins or something like that (I’m starting to think thats not his real name) At first I thought he was just dressed up as the horny chick but she started doing some crazy magic. And why the F*%* does she abbrev everything? Damn, now I’m doing it! Note to self: try and bang that chick. Also, where did that other dwarf go? I need a place to rest my balls. How about that, I actually miss that piece of garbage. Maybe all dwarves aren’t so bad.

Moving on… Our new little party has followed some ancient dwarf king with no sense of humor down a pit to gods know where. I’m hoping these little bastards can lead me to Zucco. It seems like he’s somehow involved in all this trouble. It doesn’t surprise me but I have t make sure I get to him first and make him pay. One more thing… I have this weird memory of shooting some demon frog. Did that really happen or does this monk just have some really good booze.


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