The Scales of Justice

Allied Forces - Rigmor Talonbeard

Gith Happens

Twas a chaotic scene. With little time to react and my hammer in hand, I leapt onto the bar and ran across. Heaving myself into the air, over the Gnome, I brought the mighty fist of Reorx upon the crown of a Gith interloper. Reorx could have put a little more “oomph” behind it, if you ask me. Though my blows were true and mighty, they seemed to have less of an impact. The Draconian came crashing into the theatre then, presumably yelling about “Honour” and whatnot. The fight was quite the struggle, thusfar, then something odd happened. A couple of men, fitted in long, red robes, unleashed a fury of arcane wonder. It was quite the display. The Gith eventually succumb to the combination of our brute force and the apparent Mage allies. A post battle conversation about the state of affairs and our party’s collective visions peaked the Mages interest. Reorx has guided us to them, I am sure, for our mission becomes a ever clearer and the power of Good grows ever stronger. Now, to see how the Red Robes can help and if the Draconian can truly help this quest.


“Reorx could have put a little more “oomph” behind it, if you ask me.” Sure, blame your god for your troubles. No one takes responsibility anymore. “Oh, I’m such a victim!”

This is why we can’t have nice things in America.

You earned adventure log xp.

Allied Forces - Rigmor Talonbeard

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