Zora Beeblebrox

Forest Gnome Paladin


Forest Gnome
Paladin Folk Hero: from humble social rank, my destiny compels me to stand against tyrants and monsters that threaten common folk everywhere.

Alignment: Neutral
Age: 116
Height: 3’2"
Weight: 32lbs

Defining event: death of my people over a superficial item. (Natural disaster/ stood up to tyrants)

Personality traits:
If someone is in trouble, I am always willing to lend help.
I judge people by their actions, not their words.

Sincerity: there is no good in pretending to be something I’m not.

Bond: I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Flaw: the tyrant who rules my land will stop at nothing to see me killed.


The Beeblebrox Clan resided in a forest, somewhere in the vicinity of _____. (not sure exactly where, a forested area near a town/ city where elves are but not necessarily other gnomes.) While the Beeblebroxes lived mostly isolated lives, they could be found in (the nearest town), which was at the edge of the forest, occasionally.

The Clan practiced Kaitiakitanga, a form of land guardianship which delegated certain sectors of the forest to each member to protect individually. Zora Beeblebrox happened to be the proud guardian of a particularly large pit of clay. Most days, you could find Zora digging through and processing the clay, or otherwise looking vacantly out across a nearby pond watching the birds. Years ago, Zora would craft pots for trade with the clan or in (the town), however there was very little demand anymore, as everyone in the small radius she visited already had full sets of her work.

The Beeblebroxes were known regionally as a very charismatic and carefree bunch, who may not have been terribly nice or even good-natured, but were very clever, unpredictable, and fun. People in (the nearby town) were certainly divided on what to think about them, however one thing all who knew them could easily agree upon, was that they certainly did not deserve the fate they suffered.

Zaphod, the clan leader, was out drinking in (the local town) when a very condescending man (an elf, of course, as the Gnomish clan lived in an area mostly populated by elves) spoke down, (quite literally) to Zaphod many times during a short exchange in the town tavern. This was not the first time he had been treated like this, and perhaps his patience was cut short by too many drinks, but Zaphod decided to strike back at the man. As a clever gnome, he knew he would not be able to simply attack him, He sat quietly, drinking and scheming. He overheard as the man, a traveling dignitary, boasted of his importance and how he was on a special trip for the King, delivering a most important item. The King, apparently, entrusted no one but him to transport his possessions; how no lesser being could possibly comprehend the importance of his duty. As the night wore on the man grew tired of talking about himself, and retired to his room. Zaphod slowly, and stealth-fully, followed the dignitary to his room, snuck past the guards easily, crept right into his room, and quietly pilfered the all important relic. It was not his first time stealing, he had done it often, just for fun. And, this was quite fun. Oh, wouldn’t the dignitary be mad!

Turns out, he wasn’t the only one who was mad. The special relic, (the heart of gold) was actually as important as the man had made it out to be. The townsfolk of (the town) were visited only a week later by an Elven army. It did not take long for them to discover no one in the town had their relic, and deduced quickly that one of the thieving gnomes in the forest must have taken it.

The army learned their location and simply burned down the forest, quickly and effectively. Not one gnome was able to sense the flames closing in before they were surrounded and eventually engulfed. All except Zora Beeblebrox, Zora was where she always was, on the outskirts of the forest, in the clay pit, and far from the blaze.

Zora swore an oath of vengeance to find and kill all involved in the murder of her people, and she did, all except the King. The King who also would have her dead in minutes should she ever set foot in (region??) again.

Zora Beeblebrox

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