The Scales of Justice

This is actually Makaria ;)

Sarah- had to post through Ry's account

As per typical bardic fashion, most of my thoughts and reflections are expressed through words and music. I have been thinking about our adventures- the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations and the overall dynamic of our eccentric group. When I close my eyes a soundtrack of songs comes to mind that symbolizes our journey thus far…

The Soundtrack of Dragonlance Delights through the eyes of Makaria Unitorn
Shoot To Thrill
Sound of Madness
Highway To Hell
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
A Warrior’s Call
May It Be
The Sound of Silence
Down With The Sickness
Land of Confusion
Revenge (a piece from the lovely tale Braveheart)
Indiana Jones Theme Song
Another One Bites The Dust
Same Old Song and Dance
Fire and Blood (GOT)



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