The Scales of Justice

The Tension Grows... - Rigmor Talonbeard

Under Pressure

By Reorx’s mighty fist, Mayor Hogan Bight is a shape shifting dragon! He may or may not have flown to counsel with and conscript the aid of other ancient dragons to combat an army of black dragons that are on their way to destroy Sanction. That may be the wildest thing this dwarf has heard in a long time! Should be an abyss of a fight!
Alas, I have felt a bit off though. Maybe this battle will lift my spirits, for I fear I have gained some disapproval by the All Father. My use of the geas on Elandra did not seem favoured by Reorx. In my defense, I only used it to assure the safety of all parties and feared it was a last resort, as this town and it’s folk are in dire need of time.
She has shown us a statue which may indeed be the portal to our answers. However, we are afraid of how one may enter. Some of the others, they tried to use the woman as a key… I, and a few others, intervened. We could not let them. This woman is innocent, a pawn at best. But, now the group seems at odds with one another. Meanwhile, the hourglass is draining.


Very accurate summary. We’ll role play the atonement with Reorx at the table.


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