The Scales of Justice

The Hand of Reorx is the Hand of Justice! - Rigmor Talonbeard

I Spy

Dark Knights. Their law is not the law. Who are they to determine what is the law? I will not stand for the torture of a child. Dark Knights are not the state, therefore spying is not an act of treason. To make an example of a poor child in front of a crowd of terrified townfolk is not Justice. You bet your ass I walked right up to that Knight and demanded he release the boy! And if Kren thought he would then make an example of Rigmor, he was gravely mistaken! Getting his cronies to surround me only heightened my lust for bringing my hammer upon their skulls. Alas, what would have been quite a bit of fun was interrupted by Hogan Bight, the Mayor of Sanction. He was grateful for my standing up to those bespeckled thugs.
I also happened to make a very strong connection with the Temple in Sanction. Reorx is mighty in presence there and I feel stronger just to bask in his righteous light. I conversed with the High Priest, Gristis Ironforge. He is quite good with power of the Father.
Grayson has been having nightmares, though. We all have had some nightmare, in a matter of speaking. His are constant at night though. He grows unrested. It affects his skills. I was not able to do anything to help. Hopefully, they soon will end with the completion of this journey. I feel it coming to a close.


“therefore spying is not an act of treason” – Love the reasoning here. The lawful good character rationalizes espionage. I buy it!

You earned adventure log xp.


They Dark Knights are not recognised as a governing, lawful organisation, therefore it is not treason!


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