The Scales of Justice

The Beginning of the End - Rigmore Talonbeard

The Titular Line

The Devil proved to be a mighty adversary, but ultimately was felled by the side of Righteousness. Evil always ends up under the foot of Good. However, a toll was taken. Exhausted, injured and low on spells and morale, we found it wise to take a temporary retreat.
During our time of rest, something quite odd was discovered. In this realm of Sargonnas, we discovered a large stone archway, which John Notto disappeared into, as if walking through a door we could not see. Not even moments later, he returned and told us of a great field. Righty and I followed him back in. To my surprise, inside was a vast plain, seemingly without end. Before us was a casket of sorts.
Encased in a stone box with a sort of glass top was what appeared to be a Knight of the Rose Order, laid to rest and dressed in magnificent armour. Underneath his body was something almost indescribable. A weapon so beautiful and well-crafted, I could feel its strength. It bore the resemblance of a mythical Dragonlance! Against my protests, Righty made his way into the tomb only to easily draw the weapon. Though I do not agree with taking it, its presence here is peculiar and it will aid us, for sure.
After some rest, we returned to where we last saw Zucco, only to enter a vast chasm with patches of earth floating in the abyss. I attempted to get in a quick cheap shot on the dark dwarf, but be is smarter than i thought. Zuccoreg and his bull headed mate will now have to answer for their actions against Sanction. Finally, we end this.


Finally indeed! I also enjoy the idea that the party has pissed off the god of vengeance himself. Yeah, that won’t bear fruit….


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