The Scales of Justice

Stay Musical My Friends

Makaria Unitorn

Outside the Fireball Inn…. a battle erupted with demons adorned in chains…. lo and behold we take down these fools. With the victory came fear and mistrust bestowed upon local civilians. It was my job to remedy this mistrust and make the civilians know we really are a lovely bunch… once you get to know us. What better way to do that than through the merriment of music. I start to strum on my lute, and the angelic voice of Righty McStabbins joins in. Our performance proved to be impeccable and we are asked to perform for a private event the following week. Flattering as it may seem, this “event” seems to raise some speculation…. is this really, dare I say it….. A TRAP?! It’s time to investigate the venue of the upcoming performance and see what we find…..


“we really are a lovely bunch… once you get to know us” – That angry mob was going to get to know you rather quickly!

It was a great idea to distract the crowd with a performance. This is some of the stuff that bards do best. Excellent job!

You earned adventure log xp.

Stay Musical My Friends

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