The Scales of Justice


I though I’d seen it all these past couple of months. I’ve literally been to hell, fought devils and demons, made friends with a dwarf, and made an enemy of a minotaur mage. Today was the strangest day yet. I fought a rediculous black dragon, AND WON! Only to have an even bigger bronzer dragon show up. Thank the light that this dragon was friendly. How do I know that you ask? I’ll tell you. He turned into the damned MAYOR! Yup, that’s right dragons can turn into people. Or people can turn into dragons. Either way it blew my mind and I’m still processing it.

Moving on. With Mayor Dragon on our side I finally like our chances to take down Zucco. As much as I’d like to bury an arrow fletching deep between his eyes, I could take a certain pleasure in watching him roast alive his that fancy plate armor of his.

Stay tuned, this is about to get interesting.


“Thank the light” lol. Love it.

Adventure log XP for you.


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