The Scales of Justice


Zucco is toying with us now. He watched us battle the Gith, then summoned a chain devil to distract us as he got away. I was surprised how easily we defeated the devil, and so was Zucco for that matter. He became angry and blasted a crowd of people with a fireball killing a handful. This turned the crowd on and aided his escape. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking Unitorn and Righty McStabbins (Where the hell did he come from anyway?) to put on an impromptu song and dance number we might have had yet another fight on our hands.

I’m convinced that he’s using this condor medallion to track me. I have to figure out a way to use it to my advantage. I’ll have to think quickly because I think he’s planning an ambush next week. Unitorn received a shady invitation to perform a private show for some noble. It just so happens that there will be Dark Knights there, and we all know they are working with Zucco. The son of a bitch has laid a trap for us. Its time to turn the tables and finally get the vengeance I seek.

First thing is to separate him from his Minotaur boyfriend so he can’t escape so easily…


I lol’ed at minotaur boyfriend.


He sure does love that minotaur….

An entire crowd of people were killed because of your standoff with Zucco. Some friends and family are going to be searching for those responsible.

You earned adventure log xp.


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