The Scales of Justice

Chain Devil, blood, and fire.

Z. Beeblebrox

It is amazing how one second you and your party can be gallantly eliminating evil and the next being blamed for collateral damage as though you started it! Thank the gods for Makaria and Righty’s quick thinking, because I’m fairly certain most of our group would have attacked innocents and had the whole of Sanction turned against us! This is especially good because I have a feeling we will need to use all available resources in this city to take on the tasks ahead of us. Between the Church of Sargonnes and the trap at the alignment party, it is not much comfort to simply know what has to be done. We will all need to be our most cautious and covert- I fear the dwarf, Rigmor, will not be able to conceal our plans, for one mention of Reorx and he is ready to either prostrate himself or fight. I have a feeling I should keep an eye on him to make sure he does not unintentionally jeopardize our missions.


Zora’s voice really shines through here. Excellent! She’s clearly putting a lot of the story scraps together.

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Chain Devil, blood, and fire.

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