The Scales of Justice

At the statue of vengeance

Z. Beeblebrox

I heard Zucco’s voice somehow. We were all at the statue. What he offered, I should not have been able to turn down. Vengeance. Vengeance against those who killed my entire clan. How could I have turned down such a thing? I do not even care about these people. Well, except for the dwarven cleric. He is dreamy and I love what he has been doing with his beard lately. I am getting off track a bit though. As I was saying… I should have killed Grayson. Should have used him to get my wish. He did not make that decision easy for me. He called us cowards for not dispatching of the noblewoman. Her greatest sin was greed. She would have made a nice act of vengeance for trying to profit from war on her town.

Dictated but not read,
Zora Beeblebrox


Interesting to see that Zora has a bit of a dark side. “She would have made a nice act of vengeance….” Wow. As a paladin, what oath did you swear at 3rd level? Oath of vengeance? I was sure Zora was going to take Zuccoreg Dwin up on the offer of aid from Sargonnas, god of vengeance. Sargonnas can help Zora fulfill that oath!

There’ll be more chances.

At the statue of vengeance

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