The Scales of Justice

An Act of Vengeance - Rigmor Talonbeard

Open Sesame

I have greatly offended Reorx in my geasing of our asset. I understand his anger and am disappointed in myself. He has let easy for my sins, for he knows desperate times call for desperate measures and I have never let him down before. I must stay righteous in this quest. I likely will not be using that spell in the near future.

The good news is that we did not have to commit murder to enter the temple, as much as some of the other party would have liked to. The Elven music box was the key the whole time. Not sure if it was meant for that purpose but it certainly triggered the Temple to open. This place, it is like nothing I have ever seen, nowhere I have ever been. It is vast yet compact. It is without time, space or even feeling. Everyone here seems oddly at ease.

We were greeted by denizens of the Temple. They showed us how to arrive at our purpose. The others found out where Zucco and the Minotaur were and we soon confronted them. No sooner did we find them did they summon group of Devils to welcome us. They are strong and I am starting to burn through spells. This battle is feeling hopeless and I wonder was it us who came to find them or they who wanted to find us.


You burned through spells and we burned through time—1am!

I originally wrote the following in a text message but wish to post it here in our campaign annals:

Geas is pretty clearly an evil act when viewed from a lawful good perspective. To persuade someone to do something is one thing, and there you’re relying on the power of your argument, charisma, and the target’s receptivity. However, to bypass persuasion and take control over someone’s mind and compel them to comply is the act of the despotic tyrant, a lawful evil act. Lawful in that the compulsion follows the law or rule of a single individual, which is the definition of tyranny. Reorx understands desperate times and such, which is why the spell worked in the first place; Reorx could have denied it outright. However, he still needed to impress upon a relatively young cleric that geas is not something to be used lightly, if at all.


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